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World Energy Conference

'Live Onlinìe including Recordings' October 14th, 15th & 16th 2022

Thad Cheatham, US. “What is Iridology and what does it mean to me?”

The conference is truly blessed to secure Thaddeus Cheatham from the US to our event.
Thaddeus Cheatham is a coach, mentor, and certified detox and iridology specialist based in Alabama,US but he works with people around the world. He also helps run his family's health store. He is amazingly kind, very passionate about helping people, and generous beyond compare.
Thad will be presenting with us on ' What is Iridology and what does it mean to me?'
Thad spent over 25 years being overweight and suffering from emotional and physical pain, fatigue, sleep apnoea, chronic indigestion, chronic bronchitis, and feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth. He has been on his own health journey for over 16 years and has lost over 100 lbs! Now he dedicates his life to helping others learn the art of cellular regeneration and delve into the world of Iridology which is the study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses (genetics) an empathetic stagnation (acidosis and toxicity).
Thad is a level II certified detoxification specialist and iridologist trained by Dr. Robert Morse N.D. He also has 15 years of experience helping with his Family's health food store. Learning all about herbs, vitamins, supplements, and natural home and beauty care products.
Thad offers very in-depth iridology readings, herbal protocols, transitional and emotional coaching, and longer-term coaching packages.
Thad welcomes you to visit and connect with him for more information over his sites:
Thad's website is here.
His Facebook group is Journey to Wellville here.
And Instagram link is here.