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World Energy Conference


Early Bird Bonus Gifts

The following Free Bonus Gifts are available when you purchase your Early Bird Tickets:

Bonus Gift 1. EXTRA BONUS GIFT! FREE RECORDINGS! -this is an incredible gift that Marie is donating along with all speakers to all ticketholders- full live Recordings of each Speaker! All live speaker sessions will be recorded and gifted to you following the event ,normally a week or two weeks later, so you have access to the speakers and no need to miss anything.!

Bonus Gift 2.

Marie Holliday, Spain is the Founder and Organiser of the event & a Speaker who has donated 2 ebooks on ''Learn How to Communicate with Animals using a Pendulum ' . You can also use with people and learn how to use a pendulum or refresh any skills, trouble- shoot them. They can be used for multi-purposes eg: food intolerances, allergies, medication, animal communication etc etc. This can be used for yourself in many ways and additionally for animal communication.Comprehensive 'how to' use pendulum guides for beginners and as a refresher or useful tips for more advanced users.

Marie is an EFT Master Trainer of Trainers and offers 20% off EFT courses . (excludes EFT with Animals Workshop live online which is on offer here). Read more on Marie here.

Bonus Gift 3.

Dr Willem Lammers is a Keynote Speaker from Switzerland and Founder/Creator of Logosynthesis.

He is kindly donating a 23 page e-book download on which gives a huge insight with examples of the Logosynthesis procedure and how it works.

Read more about Dr Willem here.



Bonus Gift 4.
Jacqui Crooks, UK , Founding Master EFT Practitioner is a Guest Speaker from UK and has gifted this pdf download & short video below to help you with going back to your blueprint. Read more about Jacqui here.

For those of you new to EFT here’s a short video explaining a simple and effective way to use it. To tap with 'Back to the Blueprint', just tap the Karate point as shown in the video, while you repeat the words.

Notice any feelings that come up and you can tap on those, using the video as a guide.



Bonus Gift 5. 

Sue Southern, UK is our Guest Speaker and our expert in Kinesiology who has generously donated a gift to our delegates.

Sue Southern, Kinesiologist Dip. ASK from the UK has gifted 'Are You a Critical Junction'.

This is a simple self help guide to finding where you are at? What place you are in life.

Read more about Sue here.



Bonus Gift 6.

Dorte Bredgaard, Denmark is one of our Guest Speakers and expert specialist in teeth.

She has a lot of information to share with you on your own teeth that may make your jaw drop?!

Her presentation is entitled ' The Secret Language from Teeth'. Read more here about Dorte's fascinating work here.

Dorte is kindly donating her Teeth Chart to enhance your experience of her presentation. 


Bonus Gift 7.

Veda Austin from New Zealand, one of our inspirational Guest Speakers, has kindly gifted the secret of her work to our delegates!

A pdf download with full information from beginning to end on 'how to' freeze your own water imprints.

This guide is packed with full details so that you cant go wrong and you too can enjoy exploring this work. 




Bonus Gift 8. 

Rowena Beaumont from England, is one of our expert Guest Speakers in EFT and you can read more about Rowena and her presentation on her webpage here.

Rowena has kindly gifted her illustrated tapping download of 'EFT on a Page' which she hopes you will find useful and you may want to access for ease on her session.



Bonus Gift 9.

Michael Overlie from US,is one of our many Guest Speakers joining us.

Michael has generously gifted 2 of his e books on 'Let the Dog Lead' & ' The Change- with Insights into Self- Empowerment' which he has Co-Authored.

You can read more about Michael here and his presentation.




Bonus Gifts




              Using a Pendulum for Animal Communication



Free e book from Dr Lammers


Back to the Blueprint



Are you a Critical Junction



Dorte's 'Teeth Chart'



Vedas How to Guide.



Rowena's 'EFT on a Page'


Michael has generously donated 2 ebooks!