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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Sam Thorpe,UK. ‘Heart Alignment Process’™ - The Science of the Heart

altSam Thorpe,UK. ‘Heart Alignment Process’™ - The Science of the Heart

The conference is delighted to present Sam Thorpe as an inspirational Guest Speaker from the UK.Sam Thorpe is a Conscious Health Coach™ and Integrative Health Therapist, specialising in the effects of stress and trauma on the body and mind. 

Sam is a HeartMath Coach and Group Trainer, an EFT and Meridian and Energy Therapy Master Trainer and Clinical NLP and Hypnotherapy Master. 
Sam is able to bring together her wealth of training and experience and combine it with a deep understanding to make complex concepts clear and easy to understand.

With a background in teaching she is a gifted speaker and trainer, creating both personal breakthrough courses and professional trainings. 


altThrough her training school Conscious Health Institute Sam provides professional training for Integrative Therapeutic Health Coaches.

Sam is the creator and founder of the ‘Conscious Health Coach™’ including her BioInsight™ - The physiology of stress and trauma and biological survival and healing intelligence, which has evolved from META-Medicine, German New Medicine and New Biology. 
She is author of the successful book ‘META-Messages from Your Body - Understand the cause of disease and why the body doesn’t make mistakes’.

Her second book ‘7 Steps to Conscious Health Practice - Believe in Your Power to Heal’ is an introduction to the powerful personal breakthrough workshop of the same name, which also includes Sam’s own technique ‘Health Alignment Process™’.


altSam’s presentation  ‘Heart Alignment Process’™ - The Science of the Heart will introduce you to the science and physiology of the heart. 
You will learn;
- Why the heart is important in healing- What Heart Rate Variability is and how to regulate it
- How we can measure Compassion and flow state 
- How to use Heart Conscious Breathing to create a healing state
- How to identify stuck ‘PARTS’ and problem states (polarities)
- How to use Heart Alignment Process™ to integrate PARTS
You will experience;

- The ABC of Heart Conscious Breathing
- The Heart Alignment PARTS Integration Process™
As a result of this workshop you will be able to:

- Identify problem states quicker and without judgement
- Understand and connect with 'PARTS in pain’ quicker
- Use ABC of Heart Conscious Breathing to regulate Heart Rate Variability
- Use Heart Alignment Process to Integrate stuck PARTS
You can visit Sam for full information on her website and view Sams' Conscious Health Coach Professional Training Video below.

 Sam welcomes you to join her on Social Media and You Tube:

Sam is an Amazon Best Selling Author of ‘META Messages From Your Body - Understand the Cause of Disease and Why the Body Doesn’t Make Mistakes’

Conscious Health Professional Training with Sam Thorpe