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World Energy Conference

' The Sky is not the Limit, the Mind is.' October 9th & 10th 2021, UK

Marie Holliday, Spain. ' We are capable of far more than we know...'

altMarie Holliday is the Founder, Organiser and a Speaker of this inaugural event presenting ' We are capable of far more than we know...'. Marie lives in Spain and is a Master Trainer of Trainersalt with EFT through  AAMET association and is the Founder of The Animal Energy World Conference which is in its sixth year in 2019.

Marie found her life completely changed following a brain haemorrhage many years ago following a household accident. She simply couldn't recover completely and was left with debilitating symptoms of severe dizziness and severe nausea. The medical world could only offer drugs which were so powerful that she often found herself in bed trying to recover from the side effects.

She was introduced to a local hypnotherapist who shared EFT (Emotional Freedm Techniques) with her and after months of feeling ill and unable to work, she recovered in two days of tapping on herself using EFT also known as tapping. This seemed then like a 'miracle' and her recovery led into her training and studying EFT and working many years with serious illness.

She was proud to be awarded 'Company Business Women in Spain' Category appropriately named 'Against all Odds ' with her EFT Spain Business in 2007. This was a huge accolade and a turning point in a career when she thought at one stage in her life she would never be able to work again.


Using EFT with her own pets with successful results encouraged Marie into developing courses for Animals & EFT. 

Marie will explore in her presentation the many ways EFT has helped her and her many clients, including animals.

She will include an interactive demonstration of raising our vibrational level and using EFT to send healing by distance for a friend,partner or family member including pets.



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