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Dr. Kate James MBBS, UK. Integrative Medical Practice.

Dr. Kate James MBBS qualified as a Medical Doctor in 2002 and after her early training began her career in Accident and Emergency Medicine . Her own families experiences of cancer and cancer treatment led her to change direction to work in the field of Palliative Care Medicine in 2010.

As her passion and belief grew in an Integrative Medical Approach she decided to dedicate all of her time and energy to practicing, researching and teaching Integrative Medicine. She runs clinics in Northumberland, supporting patients from all over the UK and sometimes abroad.

Instead of reaching for a prescription pad to issue drugs she advocates a different kind of approach; working on a number of levels with different tools to naturally strengthen and rebalance the body. She specialises in lovingly creating individualised holistic based programmes to support patients with cancer and other health conditions. These combine immunomodulants, natural compounds which help to optimise immunological function, with natural dietary therapy centred around chlorophyll rich/ high life force/ raw foods, in the context of a constitutional Chinese Five Element dietary therapy and Western Nutrition. Other supportive elements include EFT and techniques similar to journeying , abdominal breath work, Qi Gong and Yoga, Eastern Spirituality and philosophy.

Her work is underpinned by the concept that when we bring together, and encourage collaboration between, the teachings of conventional medicine, psychoneuroimmunology , Eastern medicine and various aspects of complimentary medicine we are much better placed to support patients in finding ways to empower themselves fulfilling the true definition of doctor, being derived from the latin doctoris which means 'to teach'.

Kate has taught as a clinical lead for Integrative Medicine , Using Food Medicinally and Medicine and Spirituality Student Selected Options teaching at Newcastle Upon Tyne Medical School, teaching doctors to be the potential offered by integration, food and the concept of spirituality in UK Medical Practice. She has taught workshops nationally for doctors, nurses, other health professionals and members of the public to help them explore the enormous benefits offered by choosing an Integrative approach.

Her work is sponsored by national cancer charities. She is Director of The Medical Board and a Trustee for the UK based Cancer Charity Cancer Active. She has also completed formal training in Western Acupuncture, Medical Hypnotherapy and EFT (Emotional Freedom technique). Kate has a particular interest in researching the traditional usage of Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan Medicines for the support of immunological health.

Dr. James is also a member of The Independent Doctors Federation and is compliant with their policies and procedures . She is fully registered with the General Medical Council GMC no. 6057459 and successfully completed their 5 yearly GMC revalidation cycle in September 2016.

Dr. Kate James has a special interest in supporting cancer patients together with her Integrative approach however is happy to see patients wanting to optimise their health or those with other medical conditions who have an affinity with an Integrative approach centred around natural dietary therapy. 

Read from Dr James about her work:

"I love this work. It's truly where my heart is and I feel privileged every time I am able to share another person's journey as they choose integrated cancer care.

My own learning about cancer treatment has not been purely academic. I was devastated when both my mother and my thirteen month old daughter were diagnosed with cancer. My mother with breast cancer and my daughter with leukaemia. Despite my medical training I found myself plunged into shock and overwhelming confusion.

My own family's world was turned upside down when we learned that Grace had leukaemia. We were told Grace had about a 50% chance of cure. I remember thinking on that day as I looked at her in her cot seemingly so unaware of how our world seemed to be caving in how can I make sure she's not in the 50% that don't get better? I was both her mother and a doctor. I had to find a formula which i felt could optimise and facilitate her chances of recovery.

Both my mother and daughter received excellent NHS care and me, well simply I read and researched absolutely everything possible that I felt could potentially support their conventional treatment.

I searched with a steadfast determination. There was no better motivation than that which I experienced.

I realised how, contrary to what some people think, the conventional and elements of what's often termed complimentary medicine can be blended with a beautifully effective synergy. Further, I realised how complimentary medicine in some of its forms offered particular therapeutic benefits.

I watched many heart warming changes, which supported a period of tremendous growth for us all through cancer and beyond. When I reflect back life wasn't so much on hold anymore. I began to feel a deep sense of trust in our hearts that Grace and my mother would get well.

Despite the poor prognosis my mother was given, her cancer having already spread to her lymphatic system, before she was diagnosed, seven years on she tells me she now feels more healthy than even before she became ill. She is now enjoying a very busy retirement with five grandchildren to enjoy.

My daughter who was given a 'middling chance' of cure is a beautiful and vibrant nearly 13 year old. She tells me she also wants to be a doctor now. We call her Amazing Grace. She has been an truly inspirational teacher.

We are fortunate that both Grace and my mother responded very well to their conventional chemotherapy treatment and were also able to receive benefit from a supportive complimentary programme."

To read more fully about Dr Kate James, please visit her website here.