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World Energy Conference

" We are capable of far more than we know". October 12th & 13th 2019,UK.

Help us raise money and 'Give the incredible gift of Mobility'


Broken Biscuits Registered UK Charity No: 1176733

Broken Biscuits is our chosen charity for the World Energy Conference 2019.

The conference is supporting Broken Biscuits in multi ways:

  • Including an optional customer ticket donation on every ticket purchase.
  • A grand raffle on the Sunday,at the event where all raffles are donated by delegates, colleagues and friends .
  • Collecting raffle prizes prior to the event.
  • Complimentary charity exhibition table at the event where information and products are available for sale.
  • Conference Webpages & marketing.

NB: All proceeds go to Broken Biscuits.

If you have any raffles to donate please contact here or feel free to bring with you to the event. Your raffles can be gifted and displayed here.

When you donate to Broken Biscuits then you 'Give the incredible gift of mobility'.

The founders/trustees of Broken Biscuits are Cassie Carney and Tim Giles who provide custom made carts and other essential equipment for disabled dogs in rescue, who have no families to buy these items for them.

They feel very honoured to help give the gift of mobility to many dumped dogs and cats living in shelters around the world allowing them to pursue a normal lifestyle filled with exercise and adventure.

Aims & activities

The aim is to help support both the rescuer and the animal by providing them with funds for life saving surgeries, essential foster care and equipment to make their lives as comfortable as possible whilst they wait for a family to love and adopt them.
For the benefit of the public: - to relieve the suffering of disabled animals in need of urgent care and attention, by providing medical treatment, refuge and relocation - To promote humane behavior towards animals by educating the public in matters pertaining to the welfare of disabled animals, animal welfare in general and the prevention of cruelty and suffering among disabled animals.

Please view the short video below for more information on Broken Biscuits.

Please say hello to Helene Svinos at the Broken Biscuits Exhibition table who is an active and hugely passionate Volunteer, Advocate and Fundraiser for them and will tell you anything you wish to know about the charity. 

Contact details:

Please join Broken Biscuits on Facebook.
Tel: (0044) 07734924410