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World Energy Conference

' The Sky is not the Limit, the Mind is.' October 9th & 10th 2021, UK


'The Butterfly often signifies transformation, spiritual rebirth, change, ascension...' trust the process

 Due to the COVID pandemic which brings huge problems logistically for everyone including the hotel, flight problems for many international speakers & delegates alike, lockdowns, quarantines and school closures etc.etc. it is with deep regret and a very saddened heart that I have had to take this decision to cancel and re-schedule the event.

I have kept the safety of everyone as paramount throughout the last few months and continue to do so. I have worked very closely with the hotel to re-schedule an event for next year when we all pray that the situation will become under control and flights etc operating.

I have aimed to take control of a situation that isn't in anyone's control by re-scheduling this years conference to next year on October 9th & 10th 2021 when all the Speakers both Keynote & Guest are committed to the event on those dates and additionally express their sadness on not being with you this year but hope to see as many of you as possible in 2021!

To ticket holders:

I am sending your re-scheduled ticket to you and it will be in your inbox very soon from Ticket Tailor company who issues them.

I am unable to offer refunds sadly as I have always paid the hotel upfront with delegates and of course have a contract that I have to meet with them which with the deposit I have re-scheduled.

I host an event from the heart and with passion,which many of you who know me, fully understand that. However,whilst for me,the event is not about money, I am not into profit as I have lost months of ticket sales with the ticket office closed for months and of course had to re-schedule the animal conference. Additionally, this would have been the time we would have been selling more tickets so a very scary time for all and I am still committed to the events next year even with all the difficulties I face ahead. Running an event is not without financial risk and this is only the second year of this particular conference that I wanted to support due to the overwhelming response of last years' event.

On a personal note, I never bring my finances to the table as it's always about sharing my passion for energy techniques that literally saved my life but I am unable to offer refunds which is on the ticket terms and conditions,if I were to offer refunds then I would literally be left unable to fulfill any future events nor indeed survive such is the risk attached to them. It has taken me years to build up to the position of taking out bigger and bolder contracts on my own and have excellent payment credentials and references with hotels; this would all go overnight. 

I can honestly say that I can only move forward and continue hosting these events for you with your complete support and understanding on refunds. Thank you.

All speakers have been contacted and all have confirmed that they can join us next year already!

With all this in mind, I can offer you in lieu of your ticket:

  • The re-scheduled ticket for October 9th & 10th 2021 which will shortly be with you in your email inbox from Ticket Tailor. If you don't receive within the next few days please contact me here.
  • If unsuitable for any reason and you wish to join the Animal Energy World Conference on 14th, 15th & 16th May 2021; I can transfer your ticket then please contact me here.
  • You are welcome to upgrade your ticket additionally for either event and just add a day on and pay the extra, just contact me.
  • You have permission to 'transfer' your ticket only on the provisor that I have new details to exchange and send a new ticket with their ID Details.
  • You have permission to 'Gift' your ticket which I can help you with as there are often people who help others in a voluntary capacity who are unable to attend due to costs, again , please contact me.
  • You have permission to 'sell' your ticket on, again only on the provisor that I have new details for their ID ,to exchange and send a new ticket. NB: Whilst this is acceptable, sales of tickets strictly cannot be offered within the Facebook Community pages or conference event pages for either of the conferences but only through your own page sources/contacts.
  • If you have a payment plan uncompleted then you are welcome to complete and choose your ticket or stop further payments and discuss with me putting the funds towards a ticket and holding this-same for the £60 deposit plan.

To reiterate the tickets are strictly non refundable as per terms and conditions also and I genuinely appreciate your full support with this, if you have further queries or concerns then please do contact me here.

NB: Please do not facebook post or message even if you normally do due to the high volume of work I am envisaging with re-organising everything including tickets and their re-issue, admin etc.
Thank you all so much, you are truly loved as friends and there are so many beautiful souls still to meet for which I am blessed.

Many Blessings to all,

Marie x