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World Energy Conference

' The Sky is not the Limit, the Mind is.' October 9th & 10th 2021, UK

Angie Buxton-King, UK. 'The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust'


'The Bridge from Alternative Medicine to Conventional Medicine: Integrating Healing into Conventional Medicine Care’.

The conference is delighted to announce that Angie Buxton-King  is joining us as a Guest Speaker from the UK.

Angie is one of the most dedicated leaders and innovative pathfinders within the holistic healthcare movement.

She is an International speaker and founding trustee of the Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust which is a Registered UK Charity 1115614. 

The charity began its work in 2006 and their work was recognized and awarded overall winner at the Complementarity Therapy Awards 2018 in London.

The awards committee said this about her charity's work:

‘The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust supports cancer patients and their families by providing funds to employ Complementary Therapists (healers) in the NHS and Hospices. Angie Buxton-King along with her husband Graham King founded the charity in memory of her son Sam, who passed away in 1998, aged 10 from Leukaemia.

Backed by patrons with backgrounds in both conventional and complementary medicine, including consultant oncologists at University College London Hospital, the Trust has been highly successful in providing for aspects of care that the NHS can struggle to fund. The Trust emerged as the overall winner as it set out such a clear model of how to do it: how to introduce complementary therapy into mainstream healthcare and keep it there. Several other finalists made mention of the charity as an important step on their road to integration”.


Angie has found her way through the resistance, scepticism and cost barriers to get Spiritual Healing and Reiki  through to the people that need it and created new pathways to establish gold standard integrative healthcare within Britain’s National Health Service.Her relevant therapy background is Spiritual Healing and Reiki. 

She teaches her in-person CPD topic ,’Healing in Hospitals & Hospices’ to fully qualified energy healers see here for further details.

Their latest charity film can be viewed here.


Angie Buxton-Kings; presentation is entitled:

'The Bridge from Alternative Medicine  to Conventional Medicine: Integrating Healing into Conventional Medicine Care’. 


Angies' talk will take you on her personal and charity’s journey to integration from its beginning in 1999 to 


2020 with top tips to facilitate you to make this journey too.


More about Angie on her website here.


Angie welcomes you to join her on social media on Facebook.  


The Sam Buxton Sunflower Healing Trust